Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Video & Training Tips from House Fire with One Trapped

TT Instructor Joe Brown created this video of operations at a first floor fire last tour with a civilian rescued from the second floor. While some of the video is dark, what should be emphasized in this situation is the communication between crews!

The rescue of a civilian is an exciting event. Our primary mission is to save lives and when a victim is located it can tend to draw others away from their tasks. You will notice in this video that when the victim is located, assistacne is given to the victim removal where needed but the other tasks continue, and when the victim is removed everyone get’s back to work. We must remember that a successful fireground results from a coordinated series of events – everyone has a job to do and must do it. If someone drops their task, the entire fireground falls apart.

At present, all accounts are that the victim is hospitalized and will make a full recovery. Job well done to the members of DCFD Engine 30 / Truck 17, Platoon #1!

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